Secondary Education in Basel, Switzerland: Equipping Youth for University Success


  • Asım ARI Editor in Chief, International Journal of Instruction


Dear Readers, After completing eleven years of compulsory education, young people in Basel, Switzerland, have two main options. They can either enter a vocational training program or enroll in a gymnasium to continue their academic studies. To qualify for admission to one of the five prestigious gymnasiums in Basel upon completion of secondary school, at least one of the two certificates obtained during the final year of secondary school must meet the prescribed grading criteria for both the E and P levels, as defined in the institutional regulations on academic progress. It is noteworthy that each high school maintains a distinctive profile, characterized by a unique mix of core and supplementary courses, elective study programs, specialized academic initiatives, school development ventures, cultural enrichment efforts, and an individualized school environment. Together, these distinctive elements contribute to the distinctive identity and ethos of every secondary school (Department of Education, 2023a).




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