Enhancing Business Email Writing Ability through the Integration of Genre-based Approach and Data-driven Learning


  • Navinda Sujinpram Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand,
  • Anchalee Wannaruk Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand,


business email writing, email communication, teaching writing, genre-based approach (GBA), data-driven learning (DDL)


Email functions as a pivotal tool in facilitating today’s business correspondence.
Similar to other written genres, email incorporates distinct conventions and
linguistic patterns that are recognized within a particular community. Deviating
from the established conventions and recurring patterns can pose challenges for
individuals engaging in communication within this genre. This study, which
utilized a mixed methods research design, formulated a teaching approach that
synergized genre-based approach (GBA) with data-driven learning (DDL) to
facilitate business email writing instruction, while its effectiveness in enhancing
students’ aptitude for written communication was investigated. The participants
comprised 24 EFL university students with elementary (n=12) and intermediate
(n=12) English proficiency levels from diverse academic disciplines. They
underwent a 10-hour instructional course designed to augment their business email
writing competence. Data were collected through pre-test and post-test
assessments, supplemented by semi-structured interviews. The findings indicated a
statistically significant improvement in participants’ business email writing ability
subsequent to the intervention. Qualitatively, students’ post-intervention emails
exhibited well-organized structure, comprehensive content, and contextual
appropriateness, underpinned by practical, professional, and linguistically accurate
language use. Furthermore, students expressed satisfaction with the pedagogical
approach as it effectively prepared them for real-world business email




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