Enhancing Students' Performance in Biology through Blended Learning with Collaborative Tools and Interactive Online Activities


  • Maria Cristina B. Bandarlipe Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, Philippines,


TPACK, blended learning, Biology, Edmodo, graduate students


The study focused on the assessment of the technological pedagogical and content
knowledge (TPACK) of graduate students enrolled in the Master of Arts in
Science Education (MASE) program and tested the effectiveness of a blended
learning approach using online collaborative tools, a learning management system,
and interactive resources in Biology. The specific objectives of the study included
describing the profile of MASE students in terms of computer and internet
resources and skills, measuring their confidence levels in the four TPACK
constructs, finding significant differences in pretest and posttest scores, and
obtaining student feedback on the use of Edmodo as a Learning Management
System. The study employed a one-shot pretest-posttest experimental design using
a combination of online resources and face-to-face interactions. Based on the
results, there was an increase in the median values before and after the
intervention, as shown by the difference between the pre-median and post-median.
Pre-implementation, the TPACK confidence level of the students was rated fairly
confident (FC), but it increased after to completely confident (CC). This suggests
that the students' TPACK confidence level improved positively using the BL
approach. Likewise, the t-stat value of 10.68 indicates a significant difference
between the pretest and posttest scores after implementing the blended learning
approach. This suggests that the blended learning approach had a positive and
noteworthy impact on the student's performance, as seen in the improved test
scores. The study's results highlighted the benefits of Edmodo as well as the use of
interactive online activities in their performance and TPACK as reported by the




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