Post-Pandemic Mathematic Teachers' Perception on TPACK and Classroom Management Self Efficacy in Online Teaching


  • Noha R. Alrwaished Kuwait University, Kuwait,


TPACK, Classroom Management Self Efficacy, Mathematics teachers, online teaching


Educational technology professionals commonly utilize the Technological
Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework. Yet, the existing
studies lack an examination of the influence of mathematics teachers' perceptions
of TPACK on their Classroom Management Self-Efficacy in the context of online
teaching. This quantitative cross-sectional survey aimed to explore the potential
impact of TPACK on mathematics teachers’ online classroom management, which
is significant to improve online teaching. The study involved 232 mathematics
teachers from Kuwaiti primary schools who were randomly selected through
cluster sampling, who completed a questionnaire consisting of 42 items. The
questionnaire aimed to investigate both teachers’ perception of classroom
Management Self Efficacy in online teaching, and their TPACK perceptions.
Through the utilization of multiple regression analysis, the data revealed a
significant correlation between the TPACK component (CK, TK, PK, PCK, TCK,
TPK, and TPACK) and classroom Management Self Efficacy in online teaching.
Consequently, this study highlights the validity of TPACK as a model to elucidate
teachers' effective management of online classrooms. The results of this study
contribute to international studies on online teaching efficiency, teaching practices,
and teacher technological competencies.




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