Unveiling the Veil: Gender Differences in Satisfaction among K12 Teachers in the Teacher Activity Groups Initiative


  • Phuong Hoang Yen Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Pham Trut Thuy Nam Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Nguyen Huong Tra Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Huynh Thi Anh Thu Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Nguyen Anh Thi Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Le Thanh Thao Can Tho University, Vietnam,


gender, teaching activity groups, professional development, teacher satisfaction, Vietnam, K-12 teachers


This study aimed to investigate the influence of gender on the satisfaction of
Vietnamese K-12 teachers who participated in Teaching Activity Groups (TAGs),
a collaborative professional development (PD) initiative. Using a quantitative
approach, questionnaire data was collected from a purposive sample of 147
teachers (108 females, 39 males). The data were subjected to descriptive statistical
analysis and Independent Sample t-tests to discern potential gender-based
differences in teachers’ satisfaction with TAGs and their perceived impact on
teachers’ PD. The results revealed nuanced disparities in satisfaction levels
between female and male participants, with generally higher satisfaction levels
exhibited by females. Notable areas of difference included knowledge acquisition,
skills acquisition, school support, and issue resolution. These areas were indeed
discussed in the content, providing a detailed analysis of where gender differences
in satisfaction were most pronounced. The results underscore the relevance of
gender considerations in PD studies and offer insights for policy and practice in
the Vietnamese educational landscape. The study concludes by highlighting the
need for further research to explore these gender dynamics and their underlying
causes in greater depth.




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Yen, P. H., Thuy , P. T., Tra, N. H., Thu , H. T. A., Thi , N. A., & Thao , L. T. (2024). Unveiling the Veil: Gender Differences in Satisfaction among K12 Teachers in the Teacher Activity Groups Initiative. International Journal of Instruction, 17(3), 79–98. Retrieved from https://e-iji.net/ats/index.php/pub/article/view/591