Towards the Preparation of Modified HyFlex Learning Scheme: The Case of University Agriculture Courses in the Philippines


  • Janine L. Conde Castilla Campus, Sorsogon State University, Philippines,
  • John Hermel Meneses Sorsogon State University, Philippines,
  • Jennifer H. Mercine Sorsogon State University, Philippines,
  • John Paul D. Ayo Sorsogon State University, Philippines,
  • Ryan V. Dio Graduate School, Sorsogon State University, Philippines,


HyFlex learning scheme, general education, instructional resources, human resources, technological competence, agriculture courses


The Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) learning delivery provides a student-directed multimodal learning experience that optimizes students’ engagement and technological
competencies needed in the present society. This descriptive-developmental
research utilized archival documents and surveys to look into the capacity of the
institution’s existing instructional resources as inputs for designing a HyFlex
learning scheme. There were a total of 979 student-respondents involved through
convenience sampling ensuring representations among the agriculture course
offerings of the Sorsogon State University, Philippines. The survey was conducted
either face-to-face or online with the use of Google Forms and found that students
who utilized technological devices with good internet connection preferred a
mixture of online with face-to-face learning (~50%) for the lecture subjects. On
the other hand, the agriculture students (>60%) preferred the face-to-face set-up
for the major subjects regardless of the type of technological devices and the
internet connectivity speed. The upgrading and re-upgrading of the human,
physical facilities, and library instructional resources for the HyFlex classes are
needed to further comply with the flexible learning scheme requirements in the
University’s agriculture programs attuned with the Philippines’ Commission on
Higher Education (CHED) Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PSG).




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Conde , J. L., Meneses, J. H., Mercine , J. H., Ayo , J. P. D., & Dio , R. V. (2024). Towards the Preparation of Modified HyFlex Learning Scheme: The Case of University Agriculture Courses in the Philippines. International Journal of Instruction, 17(2), 651–666. Retrieved from