The Impact of Training Vietnamese EFL Learners for Self-Assessment on Writing Performance


  • Hoang-Yen Phuong Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Anh-Thi Nguyen Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Huong-Tra Nguyen Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Trut-Thuy Pham Nam Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Quoc-Toan Phan Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Thi-Anh-Thu Huynh Can Tho University, Vietnam,
  • Thanh-Thao Le Can Tho University, Vietnam,


analytical rubrics, provocative investigation, impact, training, Vietnamese EFL students, self-assessment, writing performance


The present research broke new ground by investigating the influence of
instructing English as a foreign language (EFL) learners in Vietnam to employ
analytical rubrics for self-assessment on their writing proficiency. Sixteen students
who were English majors were subjected to a 17-week training course on refining
their writing abilities via the use of analytical rubrics. The study applied a
comprehensive and rigorous experimental mixed-methods approach, consisting of
two writing tests and semi-structured interviews. The research findings revealed
that the practice of self-assessment utilizing analytical rubrics had a favourable
influence on the writing performance of the students. This practice encouraged
introspective thinking, reinforced self-regulation and self-monitoring, and
improved language competence. The study suggests that EFL teachers in Vietnam
and those in other contexts integrate the utilization of analytical rubrics for selfevaluation in their teaching procedures to upgrade their assessment techniques and
pedagogical efficiency, which would eventually result in improved language
learning outcomes for their students.




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Phuong , H.-Y., Nguyen , A.-T., Nguyen , H.-T., Pham , T.-T., Phan , Q.-T., Huynh, T.-A.-T., & Le , T.-T. (2024). The Impact of Training Vietnamese EFL Learners for Self-Assessment on Writing Performance. International Journal of Instruction, 17(2), 237–258. Retrieved from