The Effect of Text Display in Mobile Reading to Reading Comprehension, Attention, and Cognitive


  • Indah Nurmahanani Elementary School Teacher Education Department, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia,


reading comprehension, mobile reading, attention, cognitive level, text display, cognitive


The aim of this study was to investigate the types of static, dynamic, and mixed
text display on students' reading comprehension, attention, and cognitive. In
addition, this study also considers sitting, standing, and walking positions and
different types of text. Quasi-experiments were used in this study with random
sample selection of students at the high school level who have mobile reading
habits. The instruments used in this study were gadgets for mobile reading,
reading comprehension tests, and cognitive level measurement scales. The results
showed that the reading positions that made a significant positive contribution to
sustained attention were sitting reading positions and mixed text types which made
the lowest contribution to sustained attention. In addition, it was found that the
type of text did not have a significant effect on students' reading comprehension
skills. Moving text also does not contribute significantly to students' reading
comprehension skills. Students' reading comprehension ability is significantly
influenced by the type of text display and reading context. Students' cognitive
abilities are significantly influenced by the type of text display, but not by the
reading context. Of the three types of text display, the sequence of text types that
make a significant contribution from the highest to the lowest is mixed text which
makes the most significant contribution, then dynamic text, and static text. So, it
can be concluded that the reading context and the type of text display have
different impacts on students' reading comprehension skills, sustained attention
and cognitive levels of students. This research has implications that teachers must
modify students' mobile reading habits by displaying text, and reading contexts so
that reading comprehension skills can increase optimally.




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