Professional Career with a Future, Switzerland Basel Basic Vocational Education and Vocational Schools


  • Asım Arı Prof., Editor in Chief, International Journal of Instruction,


vocational education, vocational apprenticeship, vocational training, professional career, vocational schools, Switzerland Basel basic vocational education


Basic vocational education and training (vocational apprenticeship) follow on
from compulsory schooling. Most young people in Switzerland start their careers
with basic vocational training. Basic vocational training is the advantage is the
combination of professional practice and school lessons (dual system). There are
more than 250 apprenticeships in Switzerland with different profiles and
requirements. The advantage of the Swiss system of basic vocational education
and training lies in the close link between professional practice and school
teaching: the young people work in their training company and usually attend a
vocational school one or two days a week. Basic vocational training leads to the
Federal Vocational Certificate (EBA) in two years and to the Federal Certificate of
Proficiency (EFZ) in three or four years. After the professional certificate, the
certificate of proficiency can be obtained - even vocational training time is
shortened depending on your performance. The cantonal apprenticeship
supervisory authority ensures that the federal legal regulations are complied with
in vocational training. It issues training permits to companies, conducts training
courses for vocational trainers, and ensures that the apprenticeship contracts that
must be approved by it are complied with. An up-to-date overview of the selection
of apprenticeships can be found on the official Swiss information portal The Career, Study, and Career Counselling Centre
advises and informs young people and adults free of charge on all matters relating
to career and study choices as well as career planning. You can find detailed
information on the web at




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