An Exploratory Corpus-Based Linguistic Analysis of ‘Bitcoin’ in Online Articles


  • Zsuzsanna Zsubrinszky Senior Lecturer, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary,


Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, collocation, online


This study explores the unique linguistic characteristics of bitcoin, which has significantly changed the financial world over the past few years. As the concept of bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the digital network behind them are not dealt with in LSP (Language for Specific Purposes) coursebooks yet, this small-scale research is intended to fill this niche. In order to see what terminology has to be acquired to be able to understand the basic issues about bitcoin, online sources dealing with this innovative technology and its regulatory systems have been used. The selected online texts are analysed by TextStat software, which is capable of making word counts and collocation frequency. The results show us the most common collocations with bitcoin, and blockchain processing within context, as well as the most frequently used words (e.g., cryptocurrency or exchange), which definitely need to be learned by students majoring in Business English. My aim with this research is that LSP teachers get a comprehensive picture of what terminology to teach to their student when dealing with the topic of cryptocurrencies. In addition, bitcoin-related vocabulary can be integrated into other subjects, such as economics, finance or technology, allowing students to explore the connections between different fields of knowledge.




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