Experiences and Sense-Making Processes of Online Teaching Internship: A Master of Teaching Programme


  • Luis Miguel Dos Santos Asst. Prof., Department of Counselling and Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong SAR,


case study, Master of Arts in Teaching, online learning, self-efficacy, sensemaking process, social cognitive career, motivation theory, student-teaching internship


Teaching requires a student-teaching internship for the license and registration, usually completed from the face-to-face and on-campus components. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, many classrooms have switched to online platforms, regardless of the levels. This study aims to understand student-teachers’ experiences of an online-based student-teaching internship and how such internships influence the sense-making processes of student-teachers in online school environments. In line with the self-efficacy theory and social cognitive career and motivation theory, the case study method was used to invite a group of Master of Arts in Teaching students (a total of 18) to share their experiences and sense-making processes of their online student-teaching internship. Semi-structured interviews, focus group activities, and member-checking interviews were used to collect data from the participants. Based on the qualitative data, three themes were categorised: 1) positive experiences, 2) technology education is the trend, and 3) preparation for online classroom environments. The study may provide support or ideas to university leaders, supervisors, department heads, student-teachers, and policymakers to reform and polish their teaching qualification programmes with different types of delivery modes in order to meet the needs and educational trends of the coming decades.




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