April 2017, Volume 10, Number 2

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From The Editor

Mehmet Koçyiğit

· Using Group Drawings Activities to Facilitate the Understanding of the Systemic Aspects of Projects 

João Alberto Arantes do Amaral, Aurélio Hess, Paulo Gonçalves, Vinícius Picanço Rodrigues

· A Scale for Measuring Teachers’ Mathematics-Related Beliefs: A Validity and Reliability Study 

Yoppy Wahyu Purnomo

· Teachers’ and Learners’ Inclinations towards Animal Organ Dissection and Its Use in Problem-Solving

Portia Kavai, Rian de Villiers, William Fraser

·  The Relationship between Attention Levels and Class Participation in First-Year Students in Classroom Teaching Departments   

Adem Sezer, Yusuf İnel, Ahmet Çağdaş Seçkin, Ufuk Uluçınar 

· Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills and Writing Skills through the Variation in Non-Traditional Writing Task 

Parlindungan Sinaga, Shelly Feranie

· Professional Satisfaction of Secondary Education Teachers: The Case of Greece

Konstantina Koutrouba, Myrto Michala

· Teacher Training in Myanmar: Teachers’ Perceptions and Implications

Mark B. Ulla

· Difference among Levels of Inquiry: Process Skills Improvement at Senior High School in Indonesia

Tuti Hardianti, Heru Kuswanto

· Effect of the SQ4R Technique on the Reading Comprehension of Elementary School 4th Grade Elementary School Students

Murat Başar, Mehmet Gürbüz

· Elementary School Students’ Spoken Activities and their Responses in Math Learning by Peer-Tutoring


· The Interplay between Teacher-Centredness and Self-Critical Tendency among Malaysian ESL Learners: New Insights for the Asian Context

Siew Ming Thang, Nurjanah Mohd Jaafar

· Playing with the Language: Investigating the Role of Communicative Games in an Arab Language Teaching System   

Ali H. Al-Bulushi, Ali S. Al-Issa

· The Development of Practical Item Analysis Program for Indonesian Teachers   

Ali Muhson, Barkah Lestari, Supriyanto, Kiromim Baroroh

· Influence of Counselling Services on Perceived Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Lagos State   

Foluke Nike Bolu-Steve, Oluwabunmi Olayinka  Oredugba

· Expediency of Study of the Scientists' Biographies in Physics Course   

Igor Korsun

· Creative Thinking of Low Academic Student Undergoing Search Solve Create and Share Learning Integrated with Metacognitive Strategy   

Yusnaeni, Aloysius Duran Corebima, Herawati Susilo, Siti Zubaidah

· Pre-Service Teachers’ Metaphorical Perceptions Regarding the Concept of Curriculum   
Orhan Akınoğlu 



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