January 2015, Volume 8, Number 1


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From The Editor

Asim Ari

· Promoting Student Autonomy and Competence Using a Hybrid Model for Teaching Physical Activity

Christine Bachman, Rhonda Scherer

· The Effectiveness of Scaffolding Design in Training Writing Skills Physics Teaching Materials

Parlindungan Sinaga, Andi Suhandi, Liliasari

· Attitudinal Perspectives: A Factor to Implementation of a Dual Language Program

Michael Whitacre

· Linguistic Proficiency and Strategies on Reading Performance in English

Seyed Hassan Talebi

· Efficacy of Client-Centred and Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapies In Reducing Bullying Behaviour among in-School Adolescents in Ilorin, Nigeria

Yahaya Lasiele Alabi, Mustapha Mulikat Lami

· Predictors of E-Learning Satisfaction in Teaching and Learning for School Teachers: A Literature Review

Mei Lick Cheok, Su Luan Wong

· Pre-Service Teachers` Competencies and Perceptions of Necessity about Practical Tools for Content Development

Esra Eren, Zeynep Yurtseven Avci, Munise Seckin Kapucu

· Improving Students' English Speaking Proficiency in Saudi Public Schools

Heba Awadh Alharbi

· Metacognitive Strategy Instruction as a Means to Improve Listening Self-Efficacy among Iranian Undergraduate Learners of English

Maryam Rahimirad, Abbas Zare-ee

· Pre-service Elementary Teachers’ Mathematics Content Knowledge: A Predictor of Sixth Graders’ Mathematics Performance

Hosin Shirvani

· The Impact of Culture on Instructional Design and Quality

Afsaneh Sharif, Merce Gisbert

· Turkish Students’ Metaphors about the European Union

Gürbüz Ocak, İjlal Ocak, Deniz Özpınar

· Investigation into Omani Secondary School Students' Perceptions of Scientitis and Their Work 

Abdullah Ambusaidi, Fatma Al-Muqeemi, Maya Al-Salmi

· Investigation of the Sixth Grade Students’ Spatial Visualization Success in Terms of some Variables 

Kürşat Yenilmez, Özlem Kakmacı

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