July 2014, Volume 7, Number 2


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From The Editor

Bronwen Cowie

· Inclusive Education in the United States: Middle School General Education Teachers’ Approaches to Inclusion

Megan Mackey

· Digital Natives: Fifth-Grade Students’ Authentic and Ritualistic Engagement with Technology

Trevor Dietrich, Sandra J. Balli

· Attitude towards Computers and Classroom Management of Language School Teachers

Sara Jalali, Vahid Panahzade, Ali Firouzmand

· School Effectiveness at Primary Level of Education in Relation to Classroom Teaching

Manas Ranjan Panigrahi

· Concept Learning in the Undergraduate Classroom: A Case Study in Religious Studies

Jennifer L. Jones, Robert St. Hilaire

· Rethinking Trends in Instructional Objectives: Exploring the Alignment of Objectives with Activities and Assessment in Higher Education – A Case Study

Akio Yamanaka, Leon Yufeng Wu

· Regular School Teachers’ Concerns and Perceived Barriers to Implement Inclusive Education in New Delhi, India

Nisha Bhatnagar, Ajay Das

· Effect of Edmark Program on Reading Fluency in Third-Grade Students with Disabilities

Bryce T. Meeks,James Martinez,Rachel S. Pienta

· Use and Mastery of Virtual Learning Environment in Brazilian Open University

Margarita Victoria Gomez

· Predicting Language Teachers’ Classroom Management Orientations on the Basis of Their Computer Attitude and Demographic Characteristics

Sara Jalali, Vahid Panahzade

· Evaluation of “First Certificate Gold Course Book”: Evidence from Students of a Private English Institute in Iran

Sara Haghighi

· Preschool Education and Primary School Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions about Classroom Management: A Metaphorical Analysis

Hatice Uysal,Firdevs Burçak, Gülüzar Şule Tepetaş,Berrin Akman

· Perception of Summer Cooperative Graduates on Employers Generic Skills Preference, Haramaya University, Ethiopia 

Mohammed Aman,Melese Sitotaw

· An Examination of the Practices of Teachers Regarding the Arrangement of Education According to Individual Differences 

Süleyman Avcı, Orhan Akınoğlu

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