January 2013, Volume 6, Number 1




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From the Editor

Bronwen Cowie

· Pre-Service Teachers: An Analysis of Reading Instruction in High Needs Districts Dual Language Classrooms

Michael Whitacre, Zulmaris Diaz & Joy Esquierdo

· Canonical Correlational Models of Students’ Perceptions of Assessment Tasks, Motivational Orientations, and Learning Strategies 

Hussain Alkharusi   

· Analysis of 100 Years of Curriculum Designs 

Lynn Kelting-Gibson 

· High Ability and Learner Characteristics 

Huda Hindal, Norman Reid & Rex Whitehead

· Motivation to Read: How Does It Change for Struggling Readers with and without Disabilities? 

Macid A. Melekoğlu & Kimber L. Wilkerson  

· Understanding Student Teachers’ Behavioural Intention to Use Technology: Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Validation and Testing 

Kung-Teck, Wong, Rosma bt Osman, Pauline Swee Choo, Goh & Mohd Khairezan Rahmat

· Enhancing Foreign Language Learning through Listening Strategy Delivered in L1: An Experimental Study 

Hossein Bozorgian & Hitendra Pillay

· A Study of Learners’ Reflection on Andragogical Skills of Distance Education Tutors 

Irshad Hussain 

· Epistemological Belief and Learning Approaches of Students in Higher Institutions of Learning in Malaysia 

Habsah Ismail, Aminuddin Hassan, Mohd. Mokhtar Muhamad,  Wan Zah Wan Ali & Mohd. Majid Konting

· Effect of Teaching of Algebra through Social Constructivist Approach on 7th Graders’ Learning Outcomes in Sindh (Pakistan) 

Bhutto Muhammad Ilyas, Khalid Jamil Rawat, Muhammad Tariq Bhatti & Najeeb Malik

· The Effectiveness of Teaching Number Relationships in Preschool 

Myoungwhon Jung, Paula Hartman, Thomas Smith & Stephen Wallace

· Teachers' and School Administrators' Perceptions and Expectations on Teacher Leadership 

Semra Kıranlı 

· Inclusive Education Reform in Bangladesh: Pre-Service Teachers’ Responses to Include Students with Special Educational Needs in Regular Classrooms 

Md. Saiful Malak

· Exploring the Relationship between Teaching Staff' Age and Their Attitude towards Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

Mohamed Abdelaziz Elsaadani

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